Week 8

Bryce Ridgen. Bryce is the principal of Minnedosa collegiate and he was a guest speaker in our class on Tuesday. In his school each student has his/her own device (which is often called a 1:1 school). He seemed to have integrated technology well into his classroom/school!

Bryce talked about SAMR. It’s the different levels of incorperating technology into your classroom. For more information, click on the link!

I was intrigued by his Skills/Concepts vs. Content theory. Bryce said that he threw out all the content of some of his courses, and simply marked the skills and concepts. It is the higher level thinking. Throughout the year he just kept assessing his students over and over about the skills and concepts. He’d revisit concepts with a growth mindset, clear objectives, scaffold higher level thinking, and most importantly he challenged his students.

No matter where you turn, everybody is advocating that collaboration and technology are the future of education. Bryce was no different. He spoke a lot about creating a culture of collaboration. I’ve always struggled with this. I am an independent learner. I am terrible at group work. It’s great when everybody is on the same page, but more often than not, that’s not the case. Right now in one of my courses we’re working on a group project, and let me tell you, it’s been disastrous (in my opinion). I’d be long done if I could have done it on my own. I liked what Bryce said about group work though. He has his students research as a group and then  take the information and use it on their own. It’s such a great idea! I also like the idea of having them work on the project using Google Drive so that you can see what everybody has contributed.

Bryce encourages his students to use social media. His students have connected with olympians, politicians, athletes through Twitter. We live in a global community, and through social media our students can take advantage of that in the classroom! He encouraged us to try things that make us nervous. He uses Snapchat filters in his classroom. The filters, but not the app. I like that.

Bryce has redefined summative assessment. He gives his students so much choice by differentiating, fostering creativity, incorporating his students interests, and creating depth of understanding. He encouraged us to be deliberate and have our students use media to enhance their message. He also advocated to have students publish their work so its visible to a larger audience, create original content, and layer multiple forms of media to create more depth.

Think about the product rather than the tool.

From: http://www.fortheteachers.org/creative-ways-to-show-what-you-know/

This is a great example of a Bryce’s students incorporating their interests into an assignment! It’s original. It’s creative. You can see that the students had fun doing this!

2 thoughts on “Week 8

  1. Yes I thought that was very interesting to see how many famous people that his class had connected with on social media. He had quite an extensive web of all the people and I would have liked to get a closer look at the graphic and saw just who all the people were. Bryce talked about the excitement students would get if someone communicated with them. Then there was the story of the student who actually ended up working with a politician that they communicated with. Being able to connect with people like this is one of the most empowering uses of technology. I thought it was a great way to engaged students and could be incorporated into a wide range of topics and subject areas.


  2. I like your blog. Many students are like to work independently but it is good to work in group. Because students can learn some more new things, new techniques, get new knowledge from their peer in group. I like this discussion because he said that he encourage their students to work on social media. Which is good for students to get knowledge. Even they can take part with interest when we use technology and students are like to use social media and so that is useful in classroom for teacher and students.


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