Week 7

This week flew by rather quickly! I can’t believe there are only 2 more weeks of class left before we begin our next placement.

On Tuesday we had a guest speaker in our class, John Finch. He is the coordinator for the Learning Support and Technology Unit of Manitoba Education. Rather than have a presentation, he opened the floor for questions. I wasn’t exactly sure who he was, so I wasn’t sure what to ask him. Everybody else seemed familiar with him, which was great!

He talked to us about some of the do’s and don’ts of using technology in our classroom. I had no idea that we were not allowed to use public radio in our classrooms … or maybe I misunderstood. I find that odd. I’d understand that we’re not allowed to record anything and use it in class, but not to be able to use a live radio broadcast is really strange. Does that apply for podcasts as well then?

I wish I could find a great replacement for textbooks! I dislike them, but feel that sometimes for math and science they’re the only option. As a young, inexperienced teacher I don’t have the resources to pick and choose what to use for teaching. I guess over time I’ll be able to take what I need from various locations, but for now, I find textbooks best. Of course I don’t use them all the time either, but still …

2 thoughts on “Week 7

  1. John Finch has such a wealth of knowledge about copyright in the classroom! I had no idea about public radio either. Seems very strange that we could not use this either. I agree with you on using textbooks in class as well. It is hard to veer away from them though, especially at the senior years level. The flow of textbooks and the wealth of information is so useful for students but I think they fail when they get used too much. Textbooks learning is also a skill that students need to develop. There is plenty of reading, information, unfamiliar graphics, and complex ideas and language that needs to be navigated. It takes time and effort to work a text to analyse what is important and pertinent to take away from it. I think I will use a textbook in the future but try not to lean onto it too hard. I’ll likely follow the flow of a book then include other tools as well to support their comprehensions of the topics. i.e. videos, activities, articles, interactive.


  2. Ya I was surprised to hear that you couldn’t use public radio in your classroom as well. I never really understood as to why that is illegal. I know some of my previous CTs have used the radio and I planned on using the radio or some sort of music in my classroom, but I guess I might have to rethink this! I also couldn’t agree more with what you said about textbooks. I am not a fan of using them, but sometimes I feel like they are my only option. I also think about when I was a student and how much I hated assignments that required textbooks. I will try my best in my teaching to not use textbooks, but I feel like I might have to at some point.


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