Tech Task #9

Videos in the Classroom. I can’t say which specific video I would ever use in my classroom, because I have no idea what my future classroom will look like or what needs my students will have. One website that has videos that I know I will use in my classroom is Khan Academy. This website helped me survive some of my University math courses!

Khan Academy. If you’ve never visited their website, I strongly encourage you to do so. Khan Academy was founded by Sal Khan, a Bangladeshi-American educator. He has produced over 6,500 video lessons  focusing on mathematics and sciences. His YouTube channel has over 2.9 million subscribers and his videos have over 1 billion views. The website is more than just videos though. Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empowers students to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.

Khan in the Classroom. There are many ways Khan Academy can be used in the classroom. Ideas:

  • Use the videos for instruction in the classroom
  • Have the videos available for students if you (or they) feel they need extra practice
  • Have students create an account and give marks for their progress
  • Connect Khan Academy with Google Classroom (Here’s how)
  • Have students complete missions
  • Flipped classrooms

Flipped Classroom. My ultimate goal for math is to create a flipped classroom, and with Khan Academy I can see that happening! A flipped classroom is when the lecture and homework of a course are reversed. Short video lectures are viewed by students at home before the class session, while in-class time is devoted to exercises, projects, or discussions. Students can easily watch short lectures at home, rather than completing practice questions based on in-class lectures. If they don’t know how to do a certain question, they won’t be able to complete the assignment. Watching videos does not require much (if any) assistance. I know there are some issues that can arise such as students coming to class without having viewed the lecture, but I feel that if they are motived by this concept, this would not be a regular occurrence. It’s definitely something I hope to try one day!

Student Created Videos. Students could create their own videos in the classroom. Staying with the math theme, rather than writing a test, students could create an instructional video about a certain math theme. Videos could also be used for research projects, where students create a video about a certain topic. The options are endless, we just have to allow ourselves to embrace them.

Allowing students to post personal videos on YouTube would depend on a variety of factors. First of all, the students would have to be willing. Second, their parents would have to agree. Third, the school would have to be open to the idea. I would also make sure there is no personal information on the videos such as their home location. I would make sure the parents have seen the video, and have agreed to have the specific video posted. I wouldn’t just have them agree to posting all videos in general. It’s better to be safe. I liked what Daniel Dillon said about involving parents in the technology you use in school. The more open you are to them, the more accepting they will be (I feel).


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