Tech Task #8

Podcasts. I’ve been a huge fan of podcasts since I got my first iPod many many years ago. I was always amazed that they were free! One of the first ones I listened to was the Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean. From there I branched out to others such as HowStuffWorks, Under the Influence, TEDtalks, This American Life, and Ask me Another among others.

Talks with Teachers. When I went through the tech tasks at the beginning of the course and saw that we had to do a blog on podcasts so I went to look for one related to tech and teaching. I subscribed to a few teacher podcasts and found Talks with Teachers. This is a podcast by Brian Sztabnik, a high school English teacher in New York. His two main goals for this podcast are to offer the most inspiring ideas from the best teachers in America, and help teachers get better at what they do. Brian also has a blog and twitter chats where he talks about the real problems teachers face in everyday classrooms and tries to find practical solutions for these problems.

Monica Burns. In his latest episode he talked with Monica Burns. Monica is an EdTech and Curriculum Consultant, Apple Distinguished Educator and has her own website and blog ClassTechTips. She hosts webinars, contributes to Edutopia. In her interview with Brian Sztabnik she said, “We need to think about creating quality interactions with technology, not just screen time.” I agree wholeheartedly with that. Many of our students will spend quite a bit of time watching movies, playing games etc. at home. We shouldn’t be contributing to their screen time at school for the sake of using technology. Monica talks about using technology in our classrooms to do things not possible without. For example, if we have our students doing math on the computer, we should make sure it’s meaningful and not just something they could do without technology. She also talked about Google Classrooms, Google 360 and Virtual Reality which are great ways to use technology to enrich our classrooms.

Podcasting Ideas for the classroom. Students can use and create podcasts for a variety of topics/subjects in school. Some ideas are:

  1. Students can interview people and combine it into a video project
  2. Students write a radio drama based on a historical event and record their show (complete with commercials)
  3. Create newscasts
  4. Create commercials
  5. The teacher could record a tutorial, that students can listen to on their own
  6. As a class, present student writing through a class radio drama or a poetry slam.
  7. Hold debates
  8. Create/run radio shows

I hope to use podcasts in my future classroom. I feel it can be an exciting way for students to have their voices heard. So much time is focused on writing, and it is important. But in today’s world media is so much more than writing!


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