Week 5

I thought I had posted this already! But when I checked today, I realized I didn’t! Sorry it’s late

On Tuesday we got a much needed break! Mike decided that rather than having class, we’d have a working period. I feel that I’m pretty well caught up in this course, and in most others. That has NEVER happened to me ever before!

Daniel Dillon. Daniel is a teacher in Flin Flon and he connected with us through Zoom. Zoom has been an excellent platform to connect with guest speakers for this class. I find that the audio and visuals are very clear! It feels that he’s in the next room.

Daniel has a certain passion for teaching and incorporating technology into the classroom that I have rarely seen. Yes there are teachers who go the extra mile for their students, but what I saw in Daniel was different. He seems to embrace what technology has to offer and finds a way to bring it into his classroom. He doesn’t have students put away their phones in class, but actually has them use it for educational purposes I realize that not everybody would agree with this, but for his class it seems to work well!

What I appreciated the most from Daniel’s presentation, was that he brings the parents on board. He lets the parents know what he’s doing with the students, what technology they are using, how it work, the benefits etc. I like that! I feel that we have to be aware that many parents would feel a certain uncomfortableness with teachers using technology that is foreign to them. If the teachers make an effort to educate the parents, it can go a long way.

Virtual Reality. Daniel uses virtual reality in his classroom. Virtual reality is basically computer technologies that generate realistic video, images, and sound that replicate a real environment. For example, using a virtual reality headset, a person can experience a roller coaster ride almost as if it were happening in real life. I had never thought about using this in the classroom, but when Daniel mentioned that he uses it for geography, a couple lightbulbs went on in my head! The opportunities are endless. You can take your class anywhere in the world using this technology. I like the idea of partnering up for safety.

These are some Virtual Reality ideas, apps and sites to use in the classroom: Google Cardboard. 360 Video (youtube). Titans of Space. InMind. Expeditions. GoPro VR. Old Drive VR. Google Arts and Culture.

Finally, Daniel also talked about allowing students to take control of their own learning. If you give students the power and space, they will do incredible things. One way in which he does this, is that for Social Studies he gave them all a copy of the outcomes and they work through them together. The students are aware of what they will be learning, and it allows them a little freedom in selecting how they want to prove that they have met an outcome. For more information about this you can visit www.20time.org.


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