Tech Task #3

Twitter. I had a twitter account for quite a few years, but have never really got ‘into it’. I recognized it’s benefits, but with so many other social media sites, I found it difficult to keep track of all of them … Twitter was one that fell to the wayside.

Since beginning this course a few weeks ago, I have revived my twitter account. I started following more people who share common interests. Since doing that, I find myself checking into my twitter account more frequently. I enjoy the links to great educational websites and articles that the people I follow share. In the future I hope to continue this, for I want to stay up to date with what is going on in the education world and twitter is a great platform to do that!

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One thought on “Tech Task #3

  1. Susan, I was the same way there I had twitter to join into the social media world but I was more opt to use facebook instead. I really struggled to keep up with the twitter world because it is really good thing to have if you are a very social person with many friends and have huge popularity with peers. I deleted my twitter account a full year prior to entering into education because it was recommended.
    When we had to create a twitter account for this class, I tried to get back into it and follow some educational sites along with some friends however, I do not usually login to twitter still unless i’m in class. This could either be a tough transition or a waste of time. But as a teacher, we could possibly incorporate social media into our classroom because it seems students communicate better online.


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