Hello. Welcome to my blog. I have created this blog as part of a course I am taking at Brandon University called Internet for Educators. In this course we will be learning about many different resources that we can use in our classrooms as educators.

This week was just a beginning. I have created this blog where I will be posting everything I am learning during our lectures. I have included a link to my twitter account as well as other social media accounts I have.

Feedly. I had never heard of this before, but it’s pretty neat! Basically it brings all the sites to you, rather than you having to go to all of them. I created an account and started following news sites. This is useful because if i am looking for a certain story, I can just check all my favourite news outlets at once, rather than going to each one individually. I also followed  my classmates’ blogs. Now I only have to sign into my feedly account access them and to check if they have new blog posts to comment on.


Digital Identity: This is your online identity. It is not necessarily similar to your offline identify.

Digital Dualism: The belief that your digital identity and your offline identity are separate. They are separate, but still part of the whole being (you). We should teach students that who they are online should not be different than who they are offline. Cyber-bullying would be an example of people abusing this.

Technological Determinism: This is the belief that a society’s technology drives its development.



3 thoughts on “Week 1

  1. Hey Suzan, nice to see that your blog is up and running. Blogging can be extremely fun and a great way to remember things that we learn over the week. I also think it is really cool to see what fellow students found interesting and what they want to share with others. I mentioned some information on digital dualism on my blog this week as well. I thought it was a very interesting concept that we learned about. I am really enjoying Feedly and I added the blog addresses on there so I can tell when classmates post new information on their blogs. The only down fall is it does not always pick up new posts from Weebly accounts. I wonder if this is because there can be man different addresses associated with a Weebly account.


  2. Hello Suzan,

    I learned about feedly in my last semester, but I didn’t work more on that. Feedly is good application as well as symbaloo is good to brings all the applications and even we could attach anything like our lesson plans, resume, any link so we could directly open that without searching. But that depends on the person about which application they used is most and comfortable for them. Because when we play with technology, we need technology to be more creative, useful, and safe for use. Even I like to use blog sharing because we could share anything related to study, some discussion, articles, our thought, anything. I just need some time to play with this types of applications.


  3. Hi Suzan,

    I also used blog first time in my last semester in ICT class. And I think that give us good chance to reflect our thought. Even teacher can know our understanding of classwork. We could use this strategy in our class too. So, that will be useful for students to reflect on their subject as well as for teacher. In my last semester I got information about feedly and symbaloo. I also like to work with feedly in which we could save our all links. Which is also useful for students and for teacher. I also joined twitter first time and I would like to spend some time on that to use it.


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